The Oakenshawe Improvement Association has four committees that cover the functional areas the association works in. All residents are welcome to get involved and join a committee. Committees are chaired or co-chaired by a volunteer member of the committee, and chairs serve for a two year term. Please see below for a description of each committee, the current chair, and a link to request to join.

The Membership & Communications Committee

Chair: John Hillegass
Seeking co-chair!

The Membership & Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining and growing membership in the neighborhood association as well as ensuring we maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment for members of all backgrounds. Specific responsibilities include reaching out to new neighbors, keeping the neighborhood up to date on association activities, managing dues collection and fundraising efforts, realtor outreach, landlord outreach, and maintaining the association’s member list. The committee will be responsible for activities such as collecting, drafting, and sending periodic email updates to members, posting information to the association website, in-person outreach and flyering.

The Events Committee

Chair: Karen Stokes

The Events Committee is responsible for planning all neighborhood association events as requested by the association board as well as proposing new events for consideration. Specific responsibilities include organizing volunteers for all aspects of event planning, acquiring necessary supplies for events, working with the Membership & Communications committee to publicize events, acquiring permits for events when necessary, and tracking income and expenses for events.

The University Outreach & Safety Committee

Chair: Meg Olson (safety issues)
Chair: Ed Stokes
(university issues)

The University Outreach & Safety Committee is responsible for any projects relating to neighborhood safety as well as maintaining positive relationships with university contacts and students living in the neighborhood. Specific responsibilities will be flexible but may include university outreach, organizing neighborhood patrols, pest control initiatives, and other safety and health related initiatives.

The Green Space & Trees Committee

Chair: Laurie Feinberg (greenspace)
Chair: Anne Kern (trees)

The Green Space & Trees Committee is responsible for organizing management of the Oakenshawe Green Space as well as maintenance of neighborhood trees, the Oakenshawe sign and surrounding garden. Specific activities include coordinating mowing regularly during spring and summer, maintaining the pollinator garden, tree trimming and removal of dead trees, coordinating planting and care of new trees, organizing volunteers for trash pickup, considering and planning improvements to the two spaces, and coordinating maintenance.


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